Creating a more sustainable world - one project at a time

The First United Methodist Church needs additional fellowship space right outside their Sanctuary to welcome guests and build community among congregants. In addition, the facility needed to be upgraded to be fully compliant with handicap access regulations with the addition of an elevator, various ramps, and many other upgrades throughout the building. MHA created a new entry sequence that slopes up from the parking lot to the main first floor, allowing a fully accessible entry at the main floor and now the church can decommission their exterior chair lift with all of its costly maintenance. MHA has also designed a new sprinkler system for fire protection and a new fire alarm system. MHA created a SketchUp model and Power Point presentations that communicates the preliminary design to the Building Committee and then transformed the model into a movie to work with the client in fundraising. The $2.6 million project is expected to break ground in the Summer of 2019.