Doug Sacra designed a 2,800 square foot addition to this shingle-style home originally built in 1904.  The addition provided a completely handicap accessible first floor for an elderly couple including a new kitchen, office, master bedroom and bathrooms, as well as a porch, patio and 2 ½ car garage.  

The renovation relocated the kitchen from the dark north side of the house to the south side with views to the garden and patio.  This was a key element of the new design that provides the occupants with excellent daylighting in all of their daytime living spaces throughout the year.  

In 2004 Doug moved with his family to this home and shares the space with Maple Hill Architects.  Since the original renovation Doug has dramatically enhanced energy efficiency of the home, particularly to the original 1904 portion of the house with enhanced boiler and radiator controls, air to air heat pumps, additional insulation, storm windows and the addition of an 8 kW photovoltaic system that creates a majority of the home and office electricity.

Master Suite & Kitchen Addition

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