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New Meeting & Sleeping Building

Doug Sacra is designing his second new building for Toah Nipi that will provide a meeting space for up to 300 on the main floor and sleeping facilities for up to 60 on the lower floor.  This building is to be the first of several new facilities so the lower floor sleeping rooms are being designed in a flexible manner to provide for future low-cost conversion to small and medium meeting rooms.  Conversion will occur after more sleeping capacity has been provided in the next phase new buildings. 


Doug is coordinating a team of consultants selected to provide a cost-effective, low-energy, high performance facility with a super-insulated building shell and high-efficiency mechanical systems that together are projected to use between 50 - 70% less energy than a similar facility built to current codes.  The glue-laminated wood and steel rod truss over the great room offer cost-savings, use of renewable resources, and provide a traditional campy feel to the meeting room where college students will gather for lectures and worship music.  The exterior will have the character of a rural New England farm but with materials that will last a generation with relatively little maintenance. 

Toah Nipi Retreat Center - Large Meeting Building